What We Can Offer You?

1. A Dedicated Banking Team

With a combination of experience and expertise, our specialised Banking team are on hand to deliver on your daily banking needs. 

2. Provision Of Authorised Signatories

By appointing dedicated senior officers as signatories, we can offer a secure and efficient process for the management of your bank account and processing of bank transfers. 

3. Compliance Of Bank Accounts

All account opening applications are carefully but efficiently analysed to ensure complete accuracy. On-going monitoring is also an important feature to ensure the due diligence and documenting of transactions is maintained in good standing at all times for the bank.

4. Banking Relationships

With strong long standing relationships and regular interface with our bank contacts, we can provide banking services across stable jurisdictions within Europe, the Americas and New Zealand with some of the most well recognised and secure banks in the world.

5. Online Banking

Provision of online access to your accounts to actively monitor and manage your banking affairs

6. Debit/Credit Cards for worldwide use

Through the banking relationships, we can offer an array of business debit card and business credit cards to officers / employees of your business to help with day to day financial / travel needs etc.

7. Legal Entity Identifier

For some companies it will be a requirement to obtain a Legal Entity Identifier in order to transact in financial instruments. We can attend to the registration and annual compliance with the Legal Entity Identifier. 

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