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Pearse Trust offer LLCs in multiple US states. Each state has its own requirements. Below are the requirements for Georgia LLCs.

To learn more about LLCs in Georgia, or other states, please contact us.

Georgia LLC - Key Facts

Up to ten working days

Shelf Companies:

Public Filing:
Annual informational return required to be filed each year.

Double Tax Treaties:
If non-resident for US tax purposes then the LLC does not qualify for double tax treaties.

Capital Contribution:

  • Minimum of US$1
  • Members/Managers:
    • Either members or managers can be appointed to manage the affairs of the LLC
    • No restriction on residence or nationality
    • Legal or natural persons permitted
    • Recommended number of members: 1

A Georgia LLC with only one member is treated as a “disregarded” entity or sole proprietorship for Georgia state and US federal tax purposes, under certain circumstances.

Such an LLC will not be liable to US federal or Georgia state taxation, nor will it be required to file a federal or state tax return.

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