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UK Companies and LLPs can benefit from the ease in which certain documentation can be filed online with Companies House.

Whilst Companies House continues to accept paper document filings, a large number of statutory actions can be made by way of filing online.

What Can Be Filed Online?

In addition to the ability to incorporate a UK Company online, Companies House accept the online filing (or ‘e-filing’) of many statutory documents such as the following non-exhaustive list:

  • Confirmation Statement (CS01)
  • Audit Exempt Abbreviated Accounts
  • Audit Exempt Full Accounts
  • Dormant Company Accounts (AA02)
  • Micro Entity Accounts
  • Change of Accounting Reference Date (AA01)

Companies House also accepts the online filing of documentation relating to event driven changes such as the following:

  • Change of Registered Office Address (AD01)
  • Appointment of a Director (AP01) and Secretary (AP03)
  • Termination of the Appointment of a Director (TM01) or Secretary (TM02)
  • Return on allotment of shares (SH01)
  • Company Change of Name (NM01)
  • Registration of a charge (MR01) or satisfaction of a charge (MR04)

Can The Above Be Filed Manually?

In short, yes. However, the filing fees may increase for filing paper forms (or manual filings).

For example, if an application to register a company is filed online, the Companies House fee will be £12. However, if filed manually, then the paper filing fee will be £40 for a standard service incorporation application and £100 for a same-day incorporation application.

In addition, the online filing of a Confirmation Statement costs £13 whilst a paper filing of the same document costs £40.

Processing Times: E-Filing vs Manual Filing

When filing documentation online such as confirmation statements, accounts, or other such documents, the filing of a correctly prepared document is usually accepted within two days.

However, if the same documents are filed with Companies House manually, it can take between 1-2 weeks for same to be accepted. This can result in the status of statutory documentation showing as ‘overdue’ with Companies House in the interim period, which may inadvertently damage the company’s reputation to the public, suppliers, clients and other stakeholders.

Reducing The Risk Of Errors

By filing online, Companies House can detect certain errors and prompt the company on areas whereby the forms are filled incorrectly. By having these checks undertaken in real time, companies can become aware of the errors immediately and can rectify same in a prompt manner. If the same forms are filed manually, then it may take up to two weeks for the company to be aware of the errors on the rejected forms before being in a position to make the necessary amendments.

What Must Be Filed Manually?

Despite the vast amount of statutory forms which can be filed with the Register of Companies, a number of forms / documentation must be filed manually including:

  • Amendments to the Company’s Articles of Association
  • Applying for an administrative restoration to the register (RT01)

Other Considerations

Companies must be aware that the decisions being made relating to the respective online filings must be approved and documented where applicable under the Companies Act 2006 and other supporting acts such as the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015. For example, for the appointment of a new Director, companies must receive consent to act as a director by the new director in addition to the approval of their appointment by the Board.

By the end of 2019, Companies House have the ambitious aim of being “as close to a 100% digital organisation as possible” which further highlights the importance of online filings. For more on how Pearse Trust can assist with online filings, please contact usUK Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act

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