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The Tax Reliefs Currently On Offer In Ireland

Like many jurisdictions, Ireland has in place numerous tax relief schemes to...
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US Tax Residency Guidance For Those Stranded As A Result Of COVID-19

The US Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service on April 21...
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UK Delays Expansion Of Making Tax Digital

The UK Government has announced that it will delay ramping up its Making Tax...
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Ireland To Expedite Payment Of The Research And Development Tax Credit

To support Irish businesses' cash flow, the Irish Revenue has said it will...
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Tax Reliefs Available For Your Business In Canada

Canada offers some 200 tax incentives and tax breaks for businesses and...
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Canada Extends Filing Deadlines Amid COVID-19

The Canadian Government has announced a number of automatic extensions to...
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New Zealand Mulls Removing GST From Crypto-Assets

New Zealand has set out proposals for a comprehensive reform of elements of...
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The OECD's New Rules for the Sharing and Gig Economies

In tandem with its ongoing work on new tax rules for the digitalised...
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