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The UK Supreme Court's Uber Ruling

On February 19, 2021, the UK Supreme Court released its ruling that Uber...
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The International Response To Taxing The Gig And Sharing Economy

In this article, we look at the OECD's work to harmonise tax rules for the...
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Recent Changes to the Ireland-New Zealand Double Tax Agreement

Here we look at recent changes to the double tax avoidance agreement between...
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E-commerce VAT Reforms: An Irish Guide

The Irish Revenue Commissioners and the European Commission have released...
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Tax Policymakers To Focus On Virtual Currency Issues In 2021

Countries are to begin exchanging information about taxpayers' virtual...
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Ireland's Latest COVID-19 Tax Support Schemes

To help businesses through the COVID-19 pandemic, the Irish Government has...
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Changes to Ireland's Interest Deduction Limitation Rules: An Overview

Upcoming changes to Ireland's business interest deduction limitation rules...
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New Capital Allowances Clawback For Intangible Assets

For businesses in Ireland, Finance Bill 2020's least publicised but perhaps...
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