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How to organise a successful AGM

How To Organise A Successful AGM [Irish Company]

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the most important events for a...
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Roles & Responsibilities Of A Company Shareholder

As part of our series of blogs on key stakeholders in a private company limited...
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UK SSE Regime Simplified By 2017 Reforms.jpg

UK SSE Regime Simplified By 2017 Reforms

The UK offers many advantages as an international holding company jurisdiction...
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5 Things You Need To Know About Irish Redemptions & Buybacks

For a private company limited by shares in Ireland (an “LTD”), the acquisition...
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Irish Tax Implications For Non-Irish Residents Transferring Shares in Irish Companies.

Favourable Irish tax treatment exists with regard to the transfer of shares in...
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The Role Of A Proxy

A proxy is a person who is designated by a member of a company to attend a...
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UK Company Share Transfers

Further to our blog on Share Capital and Share Classes for UK Companies, here...
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Increased Minority Shareholders' Protection and Compensation

“The strong rule the weak”. This idea is not new, but should it be allowed in...
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