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Canada & The New Slimline Trans-Pacific Partnership.jpg

Canada & The New Slimline Trans-Pacific Partnership

When US President Donald Trump made America’s withdrawal from the...
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5 Benefits of Registering an English Limited Partnership

Over time, the use of the English Limited Partnership (‘English LP’) has...
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UK Companies House - UK Filings

UK Companies and LLPs can benefit from the ease in which certain...
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New Residence & Ownership Rules For New Zealand Companies

This blog sets out the key changes to residency and overseas ownership rules...
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Trans-Pacific Partnership To Boost New Zealand Economy

Negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership have concluded between the 12...
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New Residency Rules For New Zealand Limited Partnerships

Changes To The Limited Partnerships Act 2008 The Limited Partnerships...
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Registration Of Charges Created By UK Companies & LLPs

A charge is a security interest for the payment of money or performance of...
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Safe Harbour Rules For Managing New Zealand Limited Partnerships

In previous blog posts, we discussed the characteristics of New Zealand...
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