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UK Finance Bill

UK Finance Bill

A number of measures in the draft UK Finance Bill 2018/19, published for...
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Copy of Copy of New Zealand's Tax Working Group - tax reform ahead_

Slow Start for Ireland's Knowledge Development Box

Preliminary figures suggest that there has been a low take-up for Ireland’s...
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Tax And Blockchain - The New Paradigm In Tax Administration

Tax & Blockchain - The New Paradigm In Tax Administration

Virtual currencies are very topical at present, as the world waits with...
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Assigning Receivables: Minimising the Potential Tax Implications

Under Irish tax law, a debt receivable is an asset for Irish Capital Gains...
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Fixed and Floating Charges

Buying, selling, trading and borrowing are the foundations of commercial...
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2 Types Of Flow Through Entities In New Zealand

Today we are going to examine the New Zealand Limited Partnership (LP) and...
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New Zealand Financial Year Ends - What Next?

­The 2014/2015 financial year came to an end in New Zealand on 31 March...
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Creditors & Their Powers: Part II

In our previous blog ‘Creditors and their Powers: An Introduction’, we...
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