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Canada's New Trust Reporting Rules

Canada’s New Trust Reporting Rules

New reporting requirements for trusts in Canada came into effect in 2021,...
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Canada's research and development tax incentive

Canada's Research and Development Tax Incentive

Canada is considered to have one of the more favourable tax incentives for...
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Canada Introduces New Tax Rules For The Digital Economy

Canada Introduces New Tax Rules For The Digital Economy

Non-residents selling services and products to Canadian consumers via the...
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A Summary of Changes to Canada's COVID-19 Wage Subsidy

In December 2020, the Canadian Government announced an improvement to the wage...
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The UK and Canada's Post-Brexit "Continuity Trade Deal"

With Brexit talks going down to the wire, and the very real possibility of a...
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Tax Reliefs Available For Your Business In Canada

Canada offers some 200 tax incentives and tax breaks for businesses and...
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Canada Extends Filing Deadlines Amid COVID-19

The Canadian Government has announced a number of automatic extensions to...
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An Overview of the North American Free Trade Deal

Just ratification from Canada is necessary for the new free trade agreement...
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