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An Update on Ireland's Double Taxation Treaty Arrangements

An Update on Ireland Double Taxation Treaty Arrangements

An Update on Ireland Double Taxation Treaty Arrangements

Ireland has signed Double Taxation Agreements with 74 countries, of these agreements 73 are in effect. A full list of Ireland’s tax treaties can be found on the Revenue Commissioners website. The treaties cover Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Income Tax and Universal Social Charge.

The information set out in today's article provides an overview of the agreements recently signed by Ireland; including a summary of any updates to existing agreements and the work underway to negotiate new treaties.

New Agreements & Protocols

Ireland has signed a new agreement with Kazakhstan. The treaty was signed on 26 April 2017 and was effective from 1 January 2018.

New Agreements To Be Given Effect

Ireland signed a new agreement with Ghana on 7 February 2018. The Convention with Ghana is expected to come into effect in the near future.

Protocol To Existing Agreement

Protocols to the existing Agreement with Belgium has been completed the ratification procedures. The protocol is expected to enter into force when Belgium received the notification of the completion of ratification procedures.

Negotiations For New Agreements & Protocols

Ireland has finalised negotiations on new agreements with Azerbaijan, Oman, Turkmenistan and Uruguay. The Agreements will be signed shortly. Ireland has also concluded a Protocol to the existing agreement with Mexico.

Existing Agreements

Ireland is carrying renegotiation of the existing agreements. The Multilateral Convention to Implement Tax Treaty Related Measures to Prevent Base Erosion and Profit Shifting ("MLI") will be used as the base of existing treaty. Ireland Double Taxation agreements will incorporate the new agreed provisions.


Ireland’s network of double taxation agreements will continue to grow in the future. Ireland is a very attractive tax location as it has significant expansion of double taxation treaty over the last few years and the new agreements are agreeing and finalising with other countries.

Disclaimer: The above does not purport to be a comprehensive review of Irish tax treaties. Detailed appropriate advice should be taken before any particular transaction is entered into. Please note that this commentary is based on information sourced from www.revenue.ie. Pearse Trust does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of content provided to third parties.

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