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Canada's 2018 Budget bill receives Royal Assent - key business measures

Canada's 2018 Budget Bill Receives Royal Assent [The Key Business Measures]

On 21 June 2018, legislation including measures announced in the 2018...
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The US Cloud Act V The EU's GDPR - [Data Privacy & Security]

The US Cloud Act v The EU's GDPR - Data Privacy & Security

For most of 2018 whilst the main compliance focus was on the EU’s GDPR...
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The Global Trade War - Tariffs Give Business Another Headache

Global Trade War - More Tariffs For Multinational Businesses?

Some say that the world is rushing headlong towards a trade war. With ...
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The EU's New Tax Transparency Rules for Intermediaries

New Tax Transparency Rules On The Horizon For EU States

There is a clear line between legitimate tax planning and unacceptable tax...
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The Irish Tax Benefits for Investing in Intellectual Property

The Irish Tax Benefits for Investing in Intellectual Property

Ireland has significant tax incentives for Irish tax resident companies...
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Trustee Decision-Making

The Importance of Effective Decision Making for Trustees

Trustees will be required to make decisions when managing the affairs of a...
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How to organise a successful AGM

How To Organise A Successful AGM [Irish Company]

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is one of the most important events for a...
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New Zealand To Join The R & D Tax Incentive Club

New Zealand To Introduce R&D Tax Breaks

These days, it’s rare to find an advanced or leading emerging economy that...
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