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An Update On The UK's Digital Services Tax

The UK carried through on its pledge to introduce a digital services tax...
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Apple And Ireland Win EU Tax Rulings Appeal

After four years of wrangling with EU authorities, Apple and the Irish...
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Ireland's VAT And PAYE Debt Warehousing Scheme

Ireland has launched a generous tax debt "warehousing" scheme, which will...
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Ireland Delays Real-Time Reporting for Dividend Withholding Tax

In May 2020, the Irish Revenue announced a delay to the roll-out of a new...
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Europe's Top Court Rules Against UK VAT Rules For Commodities Trading

On 14 May 2020, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ordered the UK to amend...
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OECD Digital Tax Work May be Delayed

Despite reassurances in early March that the COVID-19 pandemic would not set...
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The Tax Reliefs Currently On Offer In Ireland

Like many jurisdictions, Ireland has in place numerous tax relief schemes to...
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Close Companies In Ireland Allowed Longer To Distribute Income

The Irish tax agency has announced concessions for close companies in...
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