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For businesses and individuals with interests in different markets, managing their tax affairs is becoming increasingly complex. Tax authorities worldwide are imposing tighter trading rules and pursuing revenues much more aggressively.

Increasingly, they aim to:

  • Collect taxes on cross-border activities
  • Share information about clients who operate in these markets

Pearse Trust’s team of dedicated tax professionals is well placed to manage such demands. This team has experience of identifying excellent planning opportunities that can lead to enhanced financial performance and increased value for shareholders.

Our growing international network allows us to offer integrated solutions, tailored to clients’ individual requirements.

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Corporation Tax Rates In Europe

Austria 25%
Andorra 0%
Belgium 33%
Bulgaria 10%
Cyprus 10%
Czech Republic 19%
Denmark 25%
Estonia 21%
Finland 26%
France 33.33%
Germany 15%
Greece 24%
Hungary 16%
Ireland 12.5%
Italy 27.5%
Latvia 15%
Liechtenstein 7.5-15%
Lithuania 15%
Luxembourg 21%
Malta 35%
Netherlands 25%
Poland 19%
Portugal 25%
Romania 16%
Slovakia 19%
Slovenia 20%
Spain 30%
Sweden 26.3%
Switzerland 8.50%
Turkey 20%
UK 26%