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The European Unified Patent System – An Overview

Posted by Pearse Trust on Wednesday, Apr 02, 2014

Following many years of debate, an agreement on a unified patent package was reached by 25 EU member states on 19 February 2013. The agreement provides for the establishment of a single system for the registration and enforcement of patents across participating states. To enter into force, it needs to be ratified by at least 13 states, including France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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Patent Trolls – US Reacts To ‘Hijacking’ Of Ideas

Posted by Pearse Trust on Wednesday, Sep 25, 2013

As part of the patent reform in the US, a new bill was introduced into the US House of Representatives on 22 July 2013.  Its aim is to  protect innovators from frivolous patent litigation brought by the increasing number of patent trolls, particularly in the technology industry.

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EC Draft Unitary Patent Protection Regulations To Reduce Costs By 80%

Posted by Pearse Trust on Thursday, Jul 07, 2011

“It is my deeply-held conviction that there is no sustainable economic growth without innovation - and no innovation without efficient intellectual property protection”. Michel Barnier, Internal Markets and Services Commissioner

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