Overview Of Ireland's Corporation Tax Filing & Payment Requirements

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CCCTB Gets Yellow Card From 8 Member States

CCCTB Gets Yellow Card From 8 Member States

Last Wednesday 18th May was the deadline for EU countries to object to the European Commission's proposals for a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB), and 8 member countries have shown a 'yellow card' for the proposal.

Message of Hope – Obama Backs Ireland

Obama vists Ireland   message of hope

The world’s press turned towards Ireland yesterday, and this time it was nothing to do with bailouts or corporation tax rates. The US President, Barack Obama visited Ireland on the first of his 6-day, 4 country European tour, which will also see him visit the UK, France and Poland.

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UK / Switzerland – New Amnesty Deal This Month?

uk switzerland tax amnesty deal

A groundbreaking amnesty deal between the UK and Switzerland is likely to be announced shortly with David Hartnett, HMRC Permanent Secretary for Tax, telling a group of tax investigation professionals to expect the deal in May or June.

Irish 12.5% Corporation Tax Rate Here To Stay

michael noonan irish corporation tax speech

Last week the Irish Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, introduced the Job Initiatives 2011, which is designed to improve the Irish economy and stimulate job creation.

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Why Choose The UK As A Location For Holding Companies?

uk holding companies

The UK is considered to be an extremely attractive ‘holding’ Company location, the benefits of which include:-

The Benefits Of New Zealand Foreign Trusts

new zealand foreign trusts

What Is A Trust?

In common law legal systems, a trust is a private legal arrangement or relationship whereby property (real, tangible and intangible) is managed by a trustee (corporate or individual) for the benefit of another or for specified purposes. For further details read our previous blog post on trusts. 

Irish Holding Companies Explained

Ireland Holding Companies

Ireland is considered to be a very attractive ‘holding’ company location, the benefits of which include:-

Cyprus Holding Companies – the Facts In 2 Minutes

Cyprus Holding Companies

Cyprus - Background

Cyprus is located in the northeastern part of the Mediterranean Sea and is its 3rd largest island.

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