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Disclosure Requirements For Company Websites

Disclosure Requirements For Company Websites

In a world where technology and the internet are essential to most businesses it is important to be aware of the disclosure requirements for company websites.  

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The Google Decision – What It Means

The Google Decision – What It Means

The Complaint 

In 2009, a Spanish lawyer by the name of Mario Costeja complained that the results of a Google search of his name included links to legal notices dating back to 1998. The legal notices emanated from an online version of the Spanish newspaper and provided details of previous debt issues of Mr Costeja. Because the newspaper had posted these historical notices to its website, it was possible to continuously access them through the Google search engine. Mr Costeja asserted that the ongoing availability of these notices was a breach of his data protection rights. 

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Digital Estate Planning – Considerations For A Digital Future

Digital Estate Planning – Considerations For A Digital Future

Traditional estate planning laws have developed over centuries and there is a degree of certainty regarding what way assets are distributed.  

7 Ways That Businesses Can Protect Their Name, Brand & Ideas

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The name of a business, its brand and innovations provide commercial value which can be vulnerable to attack from copycats seeking to extract that value for their own benefit.

Disclosure & Publication Requirements For Irish Companies & Business Names

Disclosure & Publication Requirements In Relation To Irish Companies & Business Names

Companies incorporated under the Companies Acts 1963-2009 must meet certain disclosure and publication requirements in relation to the place in which business is carried on, letterheads and websites.

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Do I Really Need A Website For My Company?

do i need a website for my company

In only 21 years since the Internet was created, computers have become a part of every day life for most, and websites have, by extension, become an essential tool for business. 

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