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Training & Development

ICSA Exams

Pearse Trust places a strong emphasis on training and development. In addition to a graduate’s salary, Pearse Trust will cover ICSA student registration fees and tuition fees, examination entry fees and the cost of course materials. The Company also permits graduates to take paid study leave of 5 working days per subject, at the first sitting of each examination, together with paid leave on the day of the examination. A bonus will be paid on the successful completion of all of the examinations necessary to qualify as a Chartered Secretary (Grad. ICSA) provided you have completed the examinations within 2½ years of the commencement of your employment and you are still employed by the Company when you receive your final examination result(s).

The Benefits

In this regard, Pearse Trust is very competitive and provides support to each graduate with an excellent study package. This comprises of study leave for each examination taken, tuition and the payment of ICSA fees. 

Post Qualification

Where an applicant has already successfully completed the ICSA examinations, this is reflected in an enhanced salary package.

The Rotation Programme

Pearse Trust operates a rotation programme for graduate trainees which helps provide experience in different areas of the business, allowing trainees the opportunity to experience all facets of company secretarial work through placement in various departments and / or through assignment in our main offices located in Dublin, Bray, London and Wellington.

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