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A Day In The Life - Graduate Profiles

Jennifer MonaghanJennifer Monaghan

Age: 31
College Attended: University of Ulster

Degree: LLB Law and Economics July 2007

Masters: MSc Management and Corporate Governance / Grad ICSA December 2008
ICSA Qualified: March 2008

Year Joined Pearse Trust: September 2008

Current Role in Pearse Trust: Supervisor in the Company Secretarial department and the Trust department.

A keen interest in Company Law and business led me to complete a Masters in Management and Corporate Governance. This course enabled me to become a Graduate Member of the ICSA in March 2008. Following a presentation we received at University from Pearse Trust, I applied for a position on the Graduate Company Secretarial programme. 

In my first year with Pearse Trust I worked in the Company Secretarial department of the Dublin office. During this time I learnt a wide range of tasks which are associated with the role of a Company Secretary. In my second year with Pearse Trust I rotated to the Company Secretarial department in the Bray office. In the Bray office I was able to improve the skills learnt in my first year and I was also introduced to the more complex tasks which a Company Secretary encounters. In my third year, I rotated back into the Dublin Company Secretarial team. My Company Secretarial role was much more diverse than my first year in the Dublin Office and I also joined the Trust department. I am glad to say that my colleagues in both offices were tremendously knowledgeable, approachable and helpful.

I currently manage a portfolio of Companies and Trusts. In my role I am responsible for such tasks as filing Statutory documents with the Companies Registration Office, administering AGMs, preparing Resolution of Directors, amending Memorandum and Articles of Association, liaising with clients and auditors, transferring shares, maintaining Company Registers and preparing Trust Deeds. In addition, to Irish Company Secretarial services, Pearse Trust also provides services for a wide range of jurisdictions. I feel that the opportunity to learn the Company Secretarial procedures in these jurisdictions is an additional benefit of working in Pearse Trust.  

I value companies which invest in the training and development of their employees. I feel that a key attribute of Pearse Trust is the resources which they invest in their training programmes. Personnel regularly attend internal and external training sessions. In addition to this, the Managers and Supervisors in Pearse Trust invest their time and effort into supporting their staff and providing on the job training.

The Graduate Programme within Pearse Trust enabled me to transfer my knowledge and skills from University into the workplace and it also gave me the opportunity to work with very knowledgeable Company Secretaries. I feel that my experiences in Pearse Trust have helped me develop into a confident and informed member of the Company Secretarial team.